Our Research


In her dissertation, entitled, “Advancing Leadership Consciousness: Integrity from the Inside Out” Jessica investigated how to leverage whole-human training and development techniques to improve leadership efficacy.

Instead of a one-tracked, cognitive focused approach, which has proven to be only nominally effective, her training involved mindfulness, somatic awareness, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking. Leaders who engaged in the 10-week course displayed increased leadership efficacy in all realms of measurement.

The safe harbor that was cultivated between Jessica and the group, and within the group itself, fostered endurance and great agility for these leaders to weather the storm with grace and grit, even in the unanticipated midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. These communities of practice were crucial to supporting personal mastery, accountability, critical feedback, and the contexts to fail safely. They allowed the leaders to take calculated risks as well as foster the kind of connection and trust that staved off burnout and collapse.

The dissertation led to compelling evidence that this enhanced approach to leadership training was effective and would benefit other organizations, even under tremendous volatility.