Organizational Consulting

Change from the top down and inside out.

Whether a major corporation, grassroots enterprise, or start-up, we believe that organizations are the change agents of our time. By moving from transactional leadership to transformational leadership, there is a rich opportunity to shape the world we live in and mobilize the resources we wield with greater impeccability and care. Our services help you get clear on your mission and work toward being of service to humanity through your commitment to growth and evolution

The Process


We perform a detailed needs assessment to determine your organization’s unique pain points and areas of desired growth. We talk to team members and shareholders to craft a personalized plan of action. We work with key leaders to assess their own leadership journey, best leverage their areas of genius, and address their limitations.


We co-create an action plan that takes a multi-faceted approach to change. From mindset and morale to clarified roles and responsibilities to enhanced communication and agreements, we work to address the root cause of problems. We specialize in shifting companies into Learning Organizations where personal mastery, challenging assumptions, and team learning become core tenants. The result is greater solidarity, adaptability, resilience, innovation, integrity, and fun.


Areas of focus could include:

  • Effective Communication – establishing clear agreements, listening, expressing, and navigating divergent opinions and personalities with integrity and compassion
  • Whole Systems Thinking – strategic planning from an integrated perspective on how decisions impact the world around you
  • The Art of Collaboration elegantly harnessing team genius and creating contexts from which emergent ideas can land
  • Culture and Cohesion – ensuring the vision, mission and purpose are clear and embodied by the teamu
  • Creativity and Innovation – curating a culture of curiosity to support emergent solutions and creative ideas to stay current and relevant
  • Corporate Wellness Practices – support to enhance the overall wellbeing of your team by warding off debilitating stress and instilling tools to encourage endurance, adaptability, and resiliency

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