Individual Consulting

For grassroots organizations, social entrepreneurs, start-ups, and major corporations.

We provide a whole-human approach to help leaders of enterprise, community, and household to show up for their many responsibilities with resilience and clarity. We work to unblock patterns and rewrite stories so they can move forward with discernment, integrity, and focus.

The Process


From faulty beliefs to personal and inter-generational traumas, we start by deeply examining what is driving your internal guidance system. From there, we get clear on what needs to be healed, mended, and forgiven so that you can operate in coherence with your true values. We then help anchor practices to keep you connected with yourself and your source.


With greater clarity on what you stand for and armed with the tools you need to remain connected to your highest self, we guide you through lifestyle shifts in how you spend your time, money and energy, so you can sustainably remain aligned with the version of your life you want to be living.

What does this involve?

A comprehensive needs analysis will help determine how best to shape our interaction with your team in meaningful and potent ways. We curate experiences customized to your team to draw forth the collective genius.


Areas of focus could include:

  • Holistic lifestyle assessment – a comprehensive analysis of what you’re doing (or not doing) now to support your thrival
  • Personal cultivation practices – a custom-tailored series of practices to enhance mindset, physical, spiritual, and relational health
  • Somatic trauma healing – identifying traumatic events that have painfully impacted your choices, then helping you make peace with and transform these experiences to become more resilient and fortified
  • Creation of personal values – pinpointing the core ethos that drives you
  • Aligning life according to personal values – shifting your external life to reflect greater cohesion with your internal drivers

Be part of the solution.