Our Collaborators

Shannon Thompson 

Cultural Catalyst

  • Design & implementation of listening projects
  • Sky to Dirt – nature based strategic planning
  • Creation of cultures
  • Team building & training

Executive Director, Shakti Rising

Rashid Gilanpour

Innovation Strategist, Facilitator, and Self-Management Consultant

  • Assessing organizational innovation and self-management maturity levels
  • Strategic planning for organizational innovation and self-management evolution
  • Developing team-specific innovation and self-management leadership practices
  • Recruiting and hiring for innovation and self-management capabilities

Priya Deepika Mohan

Cultural Advocate, Mediator and Cross Sectional Relief Worker

  • Alchemizing workplace culture, power dynamics and tolerance of stress, burnout and turnover
  • Cultivating workplace mindfulness, increasing emotional awareness and client rapport through vocal consciousness
  • Developing agreed standards of personal responsibility within organizations and with clients
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution & Legal Consultation; proactive strategies through mediation and facilitation
  • Accessing a network of integrative legal experts to find the appropriate counsel for raising awareness around potential legal issues or disputes

James Barnard

Creative Strategist 

  • Brand Development / Identity & Media Strategy
  • Integrated Direct Marketing Strategies
  • Event Design & Production
  • Business Development
  • Joint Ventures & Affiliate Strategies
  • Collaborative Whole Systems Design
  • Executive Coaching / Mindset / Inner Game

Co-Founder , Mandala Growth Partners

Alana Suroff

Branding Specialist

  • Creation of strategic brand goals
  • Brand and customer persona
  • Brand, customer, influencer and social media identity creation
  • Key aesthetics and messaging
  • Event design
  • Campaign design and launch strategy
  • Strategic partnership ideation
  • Photo & video shoots

Co-Founder, Elemnts Branding

Kelli “Rua” Klein

Strategic Visual Designer


  • Professional Strategic Presentation Design and Storytelling (Keynote and Powerpoint)
  • Book Design (specializes in visually rich books such as educational, historical, life-legacy, & children’s books).
  • Magazine Publication Design and Publishing. 
  • Discovery and Requirements Documentation for Software Development Projects including: strategic Product Roadmaps, User Profiles and User Flow Scenarios. 

Founder, Bridgewalkers