Individual Coaching

For leaders of self, household, community, and enterprise.

We provide a whole-human approach to support decision makers to show up for their many responsibilities in healthy, strong and clear way. We work to unblock patterns and rewrite stories that keep you stuck so that you can move forth withdiscernment, integrity and focus.

The Process

We build relationships founded on trust and integrity and offer a transformational experience that drastically improves the wellbeing of leaders to guide their organizations from strength, clarity and grace.


We take a comprehensive inventory of personal beliefs, inner dialogue, habits and patterns around physical wellbeing, emotional intelligence, mental fortitude and spiritual connection. We work to establish a strong and agile foundation for your leadership.


We work to integrate the inner shifts to outward manifestations to strengthen relationships, refine decisions, and allocate resources in alignment with personal values and purpose. We focus on resiliency, adaptability, and leading from the heart.

Jessica is a magnificent world-bridging guide that is shepherding the next level of the game needed to be played for heart-centered leaders & organizations to thrive in this world. I am not surprised yet I tend to be frequently astonished by how easily Jessica can guide my colleagues or me to truly listen to and tap into the intuitive brilliance of our inner truth. I feel incredibly supported in Jessica’s hands and it is a rare blessing to be able to receive full circle 360 integrated leadership guidance and nourishment. Most other coaches are missing pieces of perspective, yet Jessica weaves them all together. She is an invaluable asset to any individual, leader, team or company.
Anthony Illiano


I have been working with Jessica for the past three years and the experience has been transformational for me, for our family, and for the company that I run. Jessica’s multi-level approach challenged me to understand my potential, address the greatest challenges in my life, and create strategies for achieving my goals. I recommend Jessica to any CEO who has a variety of stressful dynamics within their life.
Chris Stakich

CEO, Rustic Pathways

Jessica has been an integral part of my life’s work for the past 15 years. From a recent college graduate navigating young adulthood to finding a career path that inspired me to become an entrepreneur¬†now leading a team of 12, she has been my guiding light and sounding board through it all.¬†As a working mother and business owner, I would not have the joy I have for my life or the successes I’ve achieved if it weren’t for Jessica. I have truly been impacted by her teachings and am eternally grateful.

Leila L.

CEO, Be Inspired PR

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